The Guatemalan Astronomy Observatory (OAG) aims to become the first Observatory of its kind in the region that serves as both an astronomical and technological and scientific hub for entrepreneurs worldwide.  It will serve as the confluence of astronomical knowledge between the Mayan legacy and new technological research and endeavors.

OAG's Drive

The OAG will establish new paradigms and create the right conditions to promote technological, creative, and scientific opportunities for the region.  Its mission revolves around four main objectives: 1) Inspire future generations of Guatemalans to pursue STEM research and education, 2) generate climate change data and awareness, 3) connect space and time of the great Mayan astronomical heritage, and 4) develop a platform for professionals to pursue space related research and startups. OAG will create the ecosystem to leapfrog the region into the next age of space exploration.

Bridging Knowledge

OAG will house a wide range of buildings that will permit the visitor to engage in search for knowledge and discovery. At its center, the main building that will host an interactive discovery center, an observation deck, a Mayan culture and scientific research interactive museum, tech-lab, research makerspace, and faculty offices, a state of the art telescope, the first planetarium in the country, drone research facility, auditorium and housing.  Within the premises, OAG will house the first Nimajay, also known to be a Mayan Ceremonial and Research Center, or a place that houses knowledge.  The necessary crosspollination of cultures, knowledge, and ideals will a clear driver of OAG’s philosophy.


The OAG will also bridge a region thirsty for knowledge and will attain it by leveraging its unique and strategic geographical location linking both South and North American continents, and providing the tools, knowledge and resources that will nurture a healthy and innovative ecosystem to benefit thousands of persons from Guatemala and the region. By providing a scientific platform for investigations and developing new technology, OAG will attain a place to positively change Guatemala and potentially the very boundaries of space.


Led by entrepreneurial efforts from different professionals from various fields, with the support of the Guatemalan Astronomy Association, Universidad Galileo and Volcano Innovation Platform; OAG looks forward to hosting space technology initiatives and space entrepreneurial efforts to be the main site in Latin America that connects the space age with the changing reality of the region.


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